Umpires Equipment

Accoutrements & Attire

All umpires are to either be in:

Full Phoenix playing uniforms including socks and shoes
For National C Badge holders and above - White / black skirt / skort or Phoenix playing uniform and Phoenix / DPNA white umpiring shirts.

Umpires on non-competitive games can either wear a plain white shirt (preferably collared) or a white bib (as supplied by the Phoenix team you will be umpiring) over your full playing uniform.

Whistle (metal, full size, mouth whistles only) - available at DPNA desk or sports stores
Water / drink bottle/s
Hair band or ring to use to show which centre pass is next
Netball Rule book

Also a good idea:
Small towel to wipe yourself /  sit on
Snack food (particularly if playing as well) 
Sun hat - caps are best
Pen (other clubs may ask you to sign for payment)