If you would like to help your club please volunteer for one of the many roles available.  We ask that each family volunteer for at least one role.  Your family levy of $60 will be refunded to you at the end of the season if you volunteer (excluding Trophy Day).

Some of the roles available are:

§  Team Coach 

Train team for an hour one afternoon/night a week.

Support team during warm up and games on Saturday for about 2 hours.

§  Team Manager 

Co-ordinate team communication. 

Pickup and return score cards on game day as required. 

Ensure score cards are signed by all players.

Organise team scoring and/or fruit roster.      

Organise team registration if attending any carnivals.  


§  Downey Park BBQ & Canteen Duty

Spend 2 hours on a Saturday working at the Downey Park Canteen or BBQ.

§  Downey Park Carnival

Spend 1 or 2 hours in May working at the Downey Park BBQ, set up and/or clean up, or controlling traffic.


§  Anaconda BBQ Organiser or Helper

Spend 2 hours cooking, serving or organising BBQ to help raise funds for the club.  


§  Bunnings BBQ Organiser & Helper

Spend 2 hours cooking, serving or organising BBQ to help raise funds for the club.

§  Court Management Team Member

As required, work as a team of 4 to maintain Phoenix courts and immediate surrounds.


§  Committee Member

Attend 10 committee meetings a year 7-8:30pm on a Thursday.  You can just be a member or take on one of the roles below.

·        President

·        Vice President

·        Registrar

Manage player registrations.

·        Secretary

Manage incoming mail and record meeting minutes.

·        Treasurer

Receive payments, pay invoices, reconcile accounts, budget and compile monthly reports

·        Coaching Convenor

Support coaches.  Recommend coaching courses.

·        Equipment Convenor

Organise and distribute team equipment at the beginning of the season and collect at the end of season.  Purchase extra equipment as required.

·        Umpire Convenor (shared role)

Support umpires on game days and prepare weekly umpire roster.

·        Uniform Convenor

Manage the purchase and selling of club uniforms and merchandise.

·        Fundraising Convenor

Identify fundraising opportunities and help organise fundraising events.

·        Volunteer Convenor            

Create and manage online volunteer register.  Email reminders to volunteers.  Provide contact details to Canteen/BBQ organisers.

·        Web Manager

Maintain Website and send club emails